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Welcome to Birmingham Tutors. We offer 11 Plus tuition for the 11 Plus Examination by Enhanced DBS checked tutors. To find a tutor please click on ‘find a tutor’, fill out the details and we will put an 11 Plus tutor in touch with you.

A good head and good heart are always a formidable combination.
But when you add to that a literate tongue or pen, then you have something very special
Nelson Mandela

At any age, taking examinations is a challenging and often stressful time. For most children taking the 11 Plus this is no exception. Even if you are the most easy-going parent, children will sense anxieties in their friends’ playground chatter about the 11 Plus and where they might go to school in the future. Sadly, you cannot assume that simply because you are staying calm, your child feels the same way.

Firstly, it is essential that you know exactly how the admissions process for grammar schools works in your area.

In Birmingham, there are 8 grammar schools. These schools are state schools and do not charge fees.
Entry is offered based on 11 Plus examination results.

There is one 11 Plus examination for entry to all schools, which is set by the University of Durham CEM.
No past papers are available. However, a sample test paper is available here
Please note this is intended to indicate format and not level of difficulty.

This 11 Plus examination now allocates approximately:

• 50% of points for Literacy/Verbal Reasoning skills,
• 25% for Mathematics skills
• 25% for Non-Verbal Reasoning skills.

Within the literacy section the 11 Plus examination usually tests comprehension and vocabulary knowledge. Although the examination format is always subject to change; solid literacy skills in all areas remain important.

Birmingham Grammar Schools

The Grammar Schools of King Edward VI have prioritised 20% of their places for pupils who are eligible for pupil premium funding (i.e. eligible for free school meals).

King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys
King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls
King Edward VI Five Ways (Co-ed)
King Edward VI Aston (Boys)
King Edward VI Handsworth (Girls)

Sutton Coldfield Grammar School for Girls
Bishop Vesey’s Grammar (Boys)
Handsworth Grammar School (Girls)

Warwickshire Grammar Schools

King Edward VI School, Stratford Upon Avon (Boys)
Stratford Upon Avon Grammar School for Girls
Alcester Grammar (co-ed)

These schools have a ‘priority area’ of around 17 miles radius from Stratford upon Avon clock tower. The area includes most of Solihull and a small part of Hall Green and Kings Norton.
This map shows the priority area.
If you live near to the ‘red line’, it is advisable to check with Warwickshire Admissions whether you reside in the area or not.

Walsall Grammar Schools

Queen Mary’s Grammar School (Boys)
Queen Mary’s High School (Girls)

Start early!

The Birmingham 11 Plus examinations are designed so that only children with a high level of literacy and numeracy ability can achieve the standard required. It is not an exam that can be fooled with any ‘quick-fix’ tuition! Years 4 and 5 are the key preparation years.

The two main subjects for the 11 Plus examination are English and Maths even where the 11 Plus only comprises Verbal Reasoning and/or Non-Verbal Reasoning.

Children need to have developed a wide and varied vocabulary as well as accurate spelling to be successful on the Verbal Reasoning papers. Children also need to be fully competent in adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing as most papers will have mathematical questions.

Non-Verbal Reasoning papers require the child to have an awareness of shapes and to use logical reasoning to follow a sequence. Although the relationship with everyday maths may seem insubstantial, there are several mathematical skills that are applied in Non-Verbal Reasoning, such as  a knowledge of 3-D shapes  and symmetry.

11 Plus Tutorials focus on: skills for comprehension; practice papers relevant to the examination;
effective essay writing skills and verbal and non-verbal in specific relevant formats

* If your child is in receipt of free school meals, and you would struggle to make tuition payments, your child may be able to access discounted tuition fees. Please ask about this discount.