Online Tuition

Birmingham Tutors’ Online learning: tutors at your fingertips
With schools increasingly working with virtual providers, Birmingham Tutors’ guided learning online is a cost-effective way to get educational help at home.

Enhancements in technology and broadband over the last few years enable Birmingham Tutors to offer high-quality one-to-one teaching for children at an affordable price.

Unlike many tutoring agencies, Birmingham Tutors interview all prospective tutors to ensure that tutors have cleared, up to date criminal record checks and are fully qualified to teach.

Birmingham Tutors offer Maths Tutors, English Tutors, Science Tutors and many more Curriculum Subjects. Our online service is available for those seeking tuition in the West Midlands, connecting students or adult learners to a specialist tutor.

How does it work?

Birmingham Tutors offer a bespoke online tuition service where a tutor and student, who are not in the same location, can use the Internet to teach and learn remotely. Unlike online tutoring as advertised on public directories such as Gumtree, Birmingham Tutors has its own dedicated educational software that is cloud-based so you do not need to install Skype.

This enables us to check the quality of tutoring by accessing the sessions remotely. The tutor communicates in real-time with the student using the video software, enabling tutors and students to view one another and share documents over the interactive whiteboard. Tutors and students can download documents such as Power Points, and students can save session summaries to their laptops or PCs for future reference and revision.

Birmingham Tutors’ Online sessions also work well with neurodiversity students who do not like too much change, because they can access their learning in their own familiar environment.

If you would like to use Birmingham Tutors’ Online service, please complete the ‘Find a Tutor’ form and tick the online tuition box.

To experience the benefits fully, please enjoy 20 minutes of Birmingham Tutors’ Online service absolutely FREE.